Wednesday, October 31, 2007

9/22/07 - Cubs Game

I was able to score some tickets to the second to last home game for the Cubbies. It was a great game, the Cubs dominated on their way to win the division, we had great seats, it was a sunny 70 degree day, and since the tickets were free it was easy to blow money on the junk food.

9/16/07 - Ali's 1st Birthday

September Random Pictures

These random pictures show Ali's pastime of putting her hands in any shoes/boots she can find and crawling around, a bouquet of fruit flowers that was very yummy and pretty cool, and Tyler playing bags.

August Activities

These few pictures represent Haley's first day of school, a play date with Haley's two friends Isabel and Gabi, and my B-day wake-up call.

Vacation to UT and WY

During July, we took a two week vacation back to see both of our families. We first flew into Salt Lake City for a couple days, then drove up to Wyoming for a week and subsequently returned to Utah for some more time before flying back to Chicago. The kids really enjoyed being around the Grandparents and we all had a real good time doing some of our favorite things. The 5 previous blogs are pictures taken from this same trip.

Trip to UT - Boating

Trip to WY - Five Springs

We were able to have my Grandma and Grandad Whaley come with us to one of our favorite picnic spots when I was growing up, Five Springs. We really had a good time and Tyler, Terri and I hiked up to the falls, but forgot to take the camara.

Trip to WY - Farm

The trip was in late July and with the limited air conditioning in the old farm house we had to save ourselves by playing in the sprinklers.

Horses are always a fun and constant activity at the farm.

Nanny can still swing; Amazing!