Thursday, November 1, 2007


Our family really loves Halloween and as the kids get older it becomes more and more fun. However, with a ward party, a neighborhood party, carving pumpkins, the festivities of Halloween night, it seems to last about a week, and then with Ashlin's birthday thrown into the mix, Terri and I are pretty tired when it's all over.

The kids each chose there own costumes, and each seem to really fit their own personalities. Tyler really wants to fight the bad guys, Ashlin couldn't be anything else but "Super Girl", and Haley is the peace making Angel.

We made some big leaps with our Pumpkin carving this year (through the help of stenzils) and I think made some pretty cool pumpkins. Ashlin and Haley wanted nothing to do with cleaning out the pumpkins as they are way too gooey, but Ty really help pick up the slack.

We had our traditional chile and scones dinner with plenty of whiches brew that we ate in the midst of cob webs strung throughout the house and spooky music in the back ground. Earlier in the day Terri had her own spooky venture going to a small so called shop in the "hood" to get some dry ice. Luckily she was safe, but we determined that I would go get the dry ice next year.

Haley's friends Gabi and Isabel came over and went trick or treating with us

10/28/07 - Ashlin's 3rd Birthday

It's hard to believe Ashlin is 3. She is still so full of life and there is never a dull moment with her. If you can't tell by the cake and balloons, she is in love with the color blue. Terri seems to be out performing the previous B-day cakes with each new one, so I think as a family we believe the sky is the limit. We were all impressed with "Blue" from "Blue Clues" and continue to increase our imagination of what we could get for our B-day. I think Ty has his sites on a "TMNT" or a Mt. Everest cake, so we will see the outcome of that in a couple of weeks. It has definitely become a fun family tradition to see what fun cake we can get Terri to make. I am all ready starting to think of what cake I will want next year.