Friday, May 31, 2013

Trip to Berlin and Prague

Kevin had some work in Berlin, so we tagged along. On the way home we stopped in the Czech Republic to see Prague.  Hearing so many languages has made me marvel at what it must have felt like when God confounded the people who built the tower of Babel. People are just people no matter where you go, but language barriers can be very frustrating.

A piece of the Berlin Wall

Lego City in Potsdamer Platz

Bear outside of Marriott. We LOVE the executive lounges at the Marriott!
Below is a monument to memorialize all the Jewish people who perished in the holocaust.

We took this picture because Maiah only cares to see things with horses.


We can't wait to send this to our piano teacher (Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn were carved in this)

Sorry, above is Czech treat and two below are from Berlin. I'm not much of a blogger :(


All below are from Prague.

More of life in München

Riding the S bahn

Walking home from the grocery store. We pass through the bahnhof (train station).

This is only a few streets away, but the girls want to rest from carrying bags so we do.

There are a few families of mallards and some geese and swans that we keep tabs on which live at a beer garden next to where we live. Here are those beer garden photos I owe you.

I took the girls out for lunch. We got bratwurst on a baguette so the girls could pretend they were eating hot dogs.

This is a better shot of the shopping carts and where you put the one Euro coin that the girls always fight over.